Bulgarian is hard. hire someone who knows that.


Translation. Proofreading. Copywriting


I use translation as a way to expand my view of life. For me, it’s a challenge, a pleasure and a vocation. I use every opportunity to complete my knowledge.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Bulgarian philology and Master’s Degree in Translation and Editing. I follow language standards and I work with passion.


I’m curious by nature – I like to read about new places, tendencies and intriguing topics. I go deeper into my professional fields and I put all my knowledge in writing.


Translation Fields

I currently work as a translator with English and Bulgarian in an eCommerce company trading with women's clothes and accessories. I also work as a freelance translator, proofreader, editor and copywriter. On your right, you can see my main translation fields of expertise. I also have a professional interest and translating texts in: Literature, Journalism, Music, Movies, Human Resources. I have experience in translating scripts for dubbing - I work for a sound recording studio in Bulgaria. For more information check the "About me" section.


    Digital Marketing, eCommerce Marketing

  • Advertising

    Public Relations (PR), eCommerce, Media

  • Fashion

    Clothing, Lifestyle, Beauty & Cosmetics

  • Food industry

    Culinary texts, Recipes, Food Tourism

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